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Original title: Yan Ba, Yang Mi, baby, who is the first beautiful leg on the red carpet? Now it's hard to win without legs. Recently, Tencent's Starlight red carpet has many stars participating in it, and it's even more competitive to show their legs. Who is the queen of the red carpet is now clear.

On the day of

, diliyamba was wearing a dark long dress of Mugler with high slits at the foot of her leg. Her white legs were full of beauty and she was very attractive.

Diliyamba is wearing a dark long dress with ultra-high underpants. Her wide metal neck chain enhances her aggressiveness. Her feet are matched with Stuart Weitzman's dark thin lace up high-heeled sandals. She shows a lot of foot skin and makes the team expect to delay the effect. The leg becomes longer.

During the movement, diliyanba wore a white veil, which was enough for the mystery of Xinjiang exotic beauty.

Yang Mi, who has always been the queen of the red carpet, chose to wear Alexander McQueen's dark sequined long sleeve dress. Although the dress is tight and firm, it is even designed with long sleeves. The eye-catching part is in the high underpants. She also wears Stuart Weitzman's dark and thin lace up high-heeled sandals, forming a beautiful picture of \

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